3D Creative Visuals

Sometimes a sales campaign needs a visual to help convey a particular theme or concept that may be quirky or difficult to capture in a real-world setting, CGI can cover ground where alternative methods would fall short or involve multiple costly photo shoots, even incorporating effects that go beyond the bounds of reality.

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Still unsure if CGI is right for you?

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What is 3D or CGI?

A 3D visual or CGI is the result of converting an idea or drawing into a 3D model which then can be used to create stunning photorealistic or stylised imagery.

CGI allows absolute freedom to create with no boundaries and does away with the need not only for costly location photography, studio hire, admin and agency fees but also the limitations they impose.

Why have 3D for your next project?

  • The power and flexibility of 3D visuals marries perfectly with the needs of property developers or manufacturers.
  • Working from architects drawings and designs we are able to create an accurate representation of the finished article long before building begins thereby providing a valuable tool at every stage of development.
  • Get a pre-emptive vision of potential layouts, alternative material finishes, landscaping possibilities and every other possible feature that may be important to a development before committing to the final design, both ensuring the desired outcome is achieved and potentially saving time and costs during supply and final build.
  • Application for planning permission can be a long and drawn-out process, particularly when dealing with renovations and locations with aesthetic precedents CGI can be a Market.
  • Realistic lighting simulations and ever-evolving 3D software continue to blur the line between CGI and photography allowing a developmer to market and potentially secure sales at the early stages of the project.
“…as our sole creator of CGIs and regular supplier of packaging designs, advertising and literature, The Drawing Room is a vital asset to our marketing team.”
Lynne - Marketing Co-ordinator
“It is comforting to know that we are working with a team who understand the client…”
Jon - Graphic Design Agency
“TDR’s tireless attention to detail along with their inspirational, clear and simple images… places them amongst our key consultants.”
Graeme - Property developer
“Really professional and always ready to help and make suggestions. Nothing is ever impossible with the team and glad that I can turn to them with any projects and go out of their way to meet tight deadlines. Very happy with the entire team and a company that is reliable.”
Lorraine - Customer Relations & Interior Design
“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Drawing Room. The portfolio of CGI’s they prepared for our development of seven townhouses in Harborne, ‘Harborne Place’ is the best CGI I’ve seen. ”
Fiona - Director

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